He is snoring.  He has a stuffy nose.  He hasn’t been able to breathe through his nose today.  He has sneezed, and a bubble clung to his nose.  He will probably see the doctor Monday.

I don’t like it one little bit.



Today was my daughter’s 2nd day of 4th grade and my son’s first day at mother’s day out/preschool.  And, just like that, summer and all its freedom and laziness and lack of discipline and spontaneity ends.

Just like that.

Just like that my daughter is 9 (and a HALF!).  She is in 4th grade, the year in school when the academic challenges are stepped up, and travel soccer presents tougher challenges and players, and clothes matter even more, and friends are just as important (and cruel,) and memories are made.

Just like that my son is no longer a “real” baby.  He is 3 (and a HALF!).  He goes to preschool, where he will make friends and learn to sit still and cut with scissors and color and glue and PLAY! and nap and call any adult there “teacher!”.

Just like that they will put behind them the memories of this summer and look ahead to fall and the fun it will give them.  Football games, soccer games, chili, hot chocolate, glowing and colorful leaves, cool mornings, scent of burning leaves…

Our summer…


So, I skipped a day.  Get used to it, m’kay?

Last night my daughter stayed with my parents.  School starts Tuesday.  My husband comes in from work tomorrow and leaves again on Monday.  So, last night or tonight were the last possible nights before Summer Break ends. 

Oh, the plans we had for Summer Break and the Spending The Night with grandparents and friends.  Let’s count how many times we accomplished this, shall we?

  1. Last night
  2. Two weeks ago BFF stayed with us

So, my son was a little lonely without his Sissy to pester him and chase him around and bark (really, “bark!”) at him and boss him around and treat him like big sisters do.  He was conviced he would never see her again.

And, good grief!  It’s quiet in the house this morning.  As I type this, from the comfort and privacy of the bathroom my office, all I hear is The Upside Down Show echoing up the hall. 

Which brings to mind something else… Thank you, Jesus, for the invention of the DVR.  Seriously, thank you!

So, as I start this new blog, I’m thinking that having a regular, planned theme to follow might be nice, might prevent blogger’s block, might instill some discipline, might attract visitors inspire others…  And since every-other Friday is usually occupied with fetching my husband from the airport, I think I’ll choose another day to schedule the theme.

Yes, I’m aware of my procrastination problem.  I plan to work on it, starting in September.  September is a good month for that kind of thing.

So, here’s my idea.  Keep in mind, that I have not thought this out ahead of time at all.  Tuesdays will be my theme day.  The theme will be determined and announced on, you guessed it, next Tuesday.  I’m nothing if not deliberate in my procrastination.

In the meantime, enjoy this hot from …

I don’t actually know which shot I’m going to upload.  Let’s all be surprised…


And today, I accomplished almost nothing.  So much for getting my priorities straight…

Here are some shots I’ve been processing…  It’s quite random, so brace yourself.


The Husband’s only living grandparent, his maternal grandmother, has Alzheimer’s.  She lives with her youngest son and his wife and their cat. 

She lived with her middle son and his wife, son and her only living daughter until she fell and broke her hip in February.  She recovered from the fracture and surgery very well.  She moves so quickly. 

But she has no idea that her only brother and all but one of her sisters are dead.  She thinks her middle son is her brother.  She thinks my mother-in-law is still alive.  She hasn’t called me by name in months.

The thing is, she is happy.  Maybe it’s because she doesn’t know how many loved ones she has lost.  Maybe it’s because the Lord has wiped from her memory the painful, abusive marriage she withstood for decades.  Maybe it’s because she has right now and has no worries about tomorrow.  Maybe it’s because she is in a home where she is loved and protected and nurtured.

Twice a month, I stay with her, my husband’s grandmother, Gran.  I keep her company.  I make sure she doesn’t leave the house.  I cook (or reheat) lunch for her.  I watch tv with her.  I talk to her.  I listen to her, the rare times she talks.  I ask her about her life as she grew up.  I let her tell me whatever she wants.  I thank my Lord for this time to get to know her.

From our trip to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park last month.  This was taken at the Palmer house, where we often picnic and watch the elk feed.


We went to church this morning, where we’ve been “visiting” for a few months.  It’s a larger church than we’ve attended since we got married.  It’s a different worship style, but good grief, I loved it this morning.  This one girl sang to the Lord from deep in heart.  The pastor spoke straight to my recent issues.  So, today, I’m dealing with my screwed up priorities and trying to get my head on straight and my heart back to where it needs to be.

So, because it’s Sunday…  Because the Boy needs a nap…  Because I have two very full baskets of towels and socks and STUFF to fold and put away…  Because school starts in 8 days…  Because shoes and backpacks need to be washed…  Because I need to actually do something to grow back closer to my Lord…

I’m NOT posting any pictures today.

Maybe tomorrow…


Although I’ve blogged before, I’m unsure exactly how to begin here.  So, here are some shots from our recent trip to Colorado. 

One day, the kids and I took the Light Rail into Denver…

My kids displayed their amazing modeling skills…

While the kids played hide and seek (what? it’s NOT appropriate to play hide and seek in the Colorado State Capital?), I spied the Flag…

I laid down in the beautiful, yet uncomfortable, marble steps and took this of the dome…

I got a little vertigo looking down this stairwell…

I wondered if I could sneak up these stairs and see Denver from the very top of the Capital dome…

We saw tall, shiny buildings…

And my son mugged with his reflection in the window as we went through a short tunnel on the F Line…