We went to church this morning, where we’ve been “visiting” for a few months.  It’s a larger church than we’ve attended since we got married.  It’s a different worship style, but good grief, I loved it this morning.  This one girl sang to the Lord from deep in heart.  The pastor spoke straight to my recent issues.  So, today, I’m dealing with my screwed up priorities and trying to get my head on straight and my heart back to where it needs to be.

So, because it’s Sunday…  Because the Boy needs a nap…  Because I have two very full baskets of towels and socks and STUFF to fold and put away…  Because school starts in 8 days…  Because shoes and backpacks need to be washed…  Because I need to actually do something to grow back closer to my Lord…

I’m NOT posting any pictures today.

Maybe tomorrow…


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