So, I skipped a day.  Get used to it, m’kay?

Last night my daughter stayed with my parents.  School starts Tuesday.  My husband comes in from work tomorrow and leaves again on Monday.  So, last night or tonight were the last possible nights before Summer Break ends. 

Oh, the plans we had for Summer Break and the Spending The Night with grandparents and friends.  Let’s count how many times we accomplished this, shall we?

  1. Last night
  2. Two weeks ago BFF stayed with us

So, my son was a little lonely without his Sissy to pester him and chase him around and bark (really, “bark!”) at him and boss him around and treat him like big sisters do.  He was conviced he would never see her again.

And, good grief!  It’s quiet in the house this morning.  As I type this, from the comfort and privacy of the bathroom my office, all I hear is The Upside Down Show echoing up the hall. 

Which brings to mind something else… Thank you, Jesus, for the invention of the DVR.  Seriously, thank you!

So, as I start this new blog, I’m thinking that having a regular, planned theme to follow might be nice, might prevent blogger’s block, might instill some discipline, might attract visitors inspire others…  And since every-other Friday is usually occupied with fetching my husband from the airport, I think I’ll choose another day to schedule the theme.

Yes, I’m aware of my procrastination problem.  I plan to work on it, starting in September.  September is a good month for that kind of thing.

So, here’s my idea.  Keep in mind, that I have not thought this out ahead of time at all.  Tuesdays will be my theme day.  The theme will be determined and announced on, you guessed it, next Tuesday.  I’m nothing if not deliberate in my procrastination.

In the meantime, enjoy this hot from …

I don’t actually know which shot I’m going to upload.  Let’s all be surprised…


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