Today was my daughter’s 2nd day of 4th grade and my son’s first day at mother’s day out/preschool.  And, just like that, summer and all its freedom and laziness and lack of discipline and spontaneity ends.

Just like that.

Just like that my daughter is 9 (and a HALF!).  She is in 4th grade, the year in school when the academic challenges are stepped up, and travel soccer presents tougher challenges and players, and clothes matter even more, and friends are just as important (and cruel,) and memories are made.

Just like that my son is no longer a “real” baby.  He is 3 (and a HALF!).  He goes to preschool, where he will make friends and learn to sit still and cut with scissors and color and glue and PLAY! and nap and call any adult there “teacher!”.

Just like that they will put behind them the memories of this summer and look ahead to fall and the fun it will give them.  Football games, soccer games, chili, hot chocolate, glowing and colorful leaves, cool mornings, scent of burning leaves…

Our summer…


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