I’m Keri.  I’m fascinated by images.  I’m a very visual person and yearn to express myself through capturing and creating scenes that hold treasures and memories.  The beautiful world around us and the people in it are incredibly fascinating to me.  Occasionally, I get lucky and hit the shutter at the right time, and magic happens.

I can’t call my photography “work”, as I love it entirely too much.  So, I hope you enjoy browsing through my shots.  If you see something that speaks to you, I’d love to know about it.  If you want to know more or would like a print, give me a shout.

In addition to photography, I do a little bit of graphic design.  Kid’s birthday invitations are my favorite.  If you’re interested in my creating something for you, send me your ideas, and we can work something out.

As always, all the images and material in this site are my exclusive property.  Please do not use it without my permission.  Just ask nicely.  🙂